1. Owners/handlers are LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE for the behavior of their dog(s). The Doctors Foster + Smith Dog Park is not responsible for INJURY or DAMAGE to property. ENJOY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

2. Dog WASTE and other LITTER must be cleaned up by owners/handlers immediately and disposed of in receptacles provided.

3. No more than THREE DOGS per adult (18+ years old) are allowed.

4. Dogs are required to be LEASHED while entering and exiting the dog park and MUST remain COLLARED or HARNESSED. Owners/handlers MUST CARRY LEASH / HARNESS along.

5. Dog owners/handlers must remain in the SAME RUN as their dog(s), keeping their dog(s) IN VIEW and under VOICE CONTROL at all times.

6. The following items are NOT ALLOWED in the park: DOG TREATS, HUMAN FOOD, GLASS CONTAINERS, DOG TOYS (exceptions listed below), SMOKING, BIKES, BOARDS, SKATES and DRONES.

The following dog toys are ALLOWED in the park: FRISBEES, BALLS, TUGGING ROPE TOYS and DUMMIES.

7. Dogs with a HISTORY of AGGRESSION or EXCESSIVE BARKING are NOT welcome in the Doctors Foster + Smith Dog Park.

8. Owners/handlers must fill in any HOLES DUG by their pets.

9. All dogs must have CURRENT VACCINATIONS and LICENSE with ID TAG. All dogs must be NEUTERED / SPAYED by age of ONE YEAR. No SICK DOGS (contagious diseases) are allowed in the Doctors Foster + Smith Dog Park.

10. Do not bring children UNDER EIGHT into the Doctors Foster + Smith Dog Park. Children OVER EIGHT must be ACCOMPANIED by an adult (18+ years old) and closely SUPERVISED at all times.

Dog Park coordinates rule enforcement, trespassing,
and vandalism issues with Rhinelander Chief of Police.

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